Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Hi everyone

Welcome to your writing blog.

Instructions for BLOGGING:

Day one:

WRITE a story based on one of the writing prompts.

Day two:

READ  the stories written by your blog buddies (you will see their names on the tabs)
COMMENT on the stories.
 1 - Summarise what the story was about (This way the author can see if their intended message came through)
2 - Note two things that you liked about the story
3 - Name one thing that they could do next time

Day three:

READ your comment (s)  and reply to them
WRITE again (this can be either 'free' writing or the other prompt if you need inspiration.

There are two writing prompts this week.

PROMPT number 1.

PROMPT number 2.

… and when I opened the cupboard door …